Topic: Removing playbar from an Adobe Presenter presentation within Connect

Hello, I'm experiencing an annoyingly difficult task of trying to remove the navigation elements of a traditional "share pod" while sharing an adobe presenter presentation.

In adobe presenter, I am able to disable the sidebar (which holds tabs for outline, notes, search, etc) but there is no option to disable the playbar (the navigation options: play, previous, next).

I would like to remove all outside navigation if possible so that slide navigation occurs ONLY within the slide itself (i.e. Submitting an answer with "Next")

I've found multiple solutions across the internet that involve adding a flash swf with as2 actions (which I am familiar with, btw doesnt connect 8 support as3 by now?) to the first slide to hide certain buttons. But I am unsuccessful in removing the entire box itself.

Upon sharing the presentation, the playbar appears to the right of the slides in a scruntched little rectangle with ALL buttons enabled, but when i change the state to move it (horizontally underneath the slides) the buttons are hidden.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!