Topic: Missing Scripts after overwrite in Adobe Presenter

I have a user who did not import notes from PowerPoint, but wrote his own scripts within Adobe Presenter's recording tool to recite while recording audio. He has had them saved there for years.

He recently upgraded from Presenter 6 to 7, we did not force our users to do an upgrade, so he is just upgrading now.

And with that he is being asked to save as or overwrite.

Regardless of what he selects his scripts are no longer there.

Where are the scripts saved to?

Thanks for your insight and help!


Re: Missing Scripts after overwrite in Adobe Presenter

Hi kmpalencia,

I have seen many of your posts before and you seem quite knowledgeable about Presenter. I have either a simple solution, or I'm way off here... but in Presenter 7 when you create something like a script in the Presenter tool, Presenter creates a subfolder for your .ppt file and in the subfolder is the media.ppcx file which contains the data from the script. Did Presenter 6 do it the same way? If so, at least your user's data should still be intact. It may be tricky to get the Presenter files to point to the right data again, but the user could do some cut/paste at least.



Re: Missing Scripts after overwrite in Adobe Presenter

I wonder if this is one of those "early version of Presenter 7" issues. Do you know if he has run all of the updates?


Re: Missing Scripts after overwrite in Adobe Presenter

Hi Daniel and dhwalker,

Thank you both for your insight and assistance. He has run all the updates available with 7.

Daniel - Thanks for the comment. I've been using and supporting Presenter for a few years and I thought I saw everything, but this is the first time I ran across an issue I hadn't come across before - with a user losing scripts because of a version change and wanting to find their file on their machine, but then again, most of our users import notes that they typed from PowerPoint, so the notes can always be imported back in.

I know that audio files with version 6 are associated with .ppc and 7 with .ppcx. You are correct in which there is a subfolder that is created with version 7, in that subfolder only lives an audio file with media.ppcx and individual audio files, but no files that are related to the script that is saved. In Presenter 6, the only file saved with the PowerPoint was the .ppc audio file.

This is what we did to resolve the issue, we found a later version of 7, a much older version, and when I say older I mean version 3, uninstalled 7 and installed the older verison of Presenter, all of his scripts were there, so 7 does some type of scrubbing of scripts during the overwrite or save as process, which you  have to do if you created the presentations in a previous version of Presenter before 7.

I want to test this further, does anyone have version 6 just incase? I have my own license key, I just need the installer.

I kept it for a while, just incase, but since have deleted the installer, once the updated version of 7 was released, tested and deployed.

Thank you again.



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Re: Missing Scripts after overwrite in Adobe Presenter

Sounds like you are getting it worked out!

FWIW - the "script" is actually retained inside the media.ppcx file. Actually, it's sort of buried in there. For example, I made a one-slide presentation, opened the audio editor, and typed "these are my notes" in the script area. When I save the presentation and look inside the media.ppcx file, I can see my script notes - see the highlighted section below. Again, this is for V7.



Re: Missing Scripts after overwrite in Adobe Presenter

Thank you Daniel. I apologize for not responding sooner. I appreciate the information you sent me. This was very helpful. Additionally, we found an older version of Presenter, installed it and were able to retrieve the missing scripts.

Take care.