Topic: New User- using Adobe Presenter 7.0.0 on PwrPoint 2003

Hi, this is probably quite a basic question, but I just can't get around an error window that keeps appearing everytime I try to do just about anything after I have recorded the audio for a PPoint presentation.

So, I created my PwrPoint, I recorded the audio, and after that, if I try to publish (to my own hard drive), or if I want to insert Flash (swf), or basically anything else, what I get is an error message that says:

"Adobe Presenter cannot load the recordings for all slides. The recordings are not in the .ppcx file"

Then it tells me that the recordings weres stored in a file called "Media.ppcx" in a particular folder of my hard drive, and then it gives me 3 options:

"Load the recordins from another file"
"Continue without the recordings for these slides"
"Cancel the current operation and return to PowerPoint"

Now, if I choose to load the recordings from another file and go to the file were the recordings were actually saved, I cannot see them cause the system will be looking for a .ppcx file (won't let me change the extension) and the audio files have been saved as mp3's. I can see a file called: "Media.ppcx" in there but it is a 1k file and gets me nowhere if I chose it from the list.

If I chose to Continue without the recordings I lose all the recordings.

All I can do is chose the "Cancel the current operation and return to PowerPoint" option.

Could anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong, and/or how can I get passed this issue?

Thank you very much in advance!


Re: New User- using Adobe Presenter 7.0.0 on PwrPoint 2003


I would recommend updating to Presenter 7.0.6.  Regardless, when you import audio - a PPCX file is created in the same folder as the PPT/PPTX file.  When you copy the PPT/PPTX file from one drive to another - you should *always* include the PPCX file.  If you don't, you can lose your audio links and then it's painful to reconnect them (if at all).  If you can't find/link to the PPCX file, you will need to re-import your audio.



Re: New User- using Adobe Presenter 7.0.0 on PwrPoint 2003

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your response. I guess you are right and I will need to update the Presenter version. I'm not sure if it will be a long term solution, but what I ultimately did was doing a back-up of the folder that contains the audio. Then I copied and pasted the slides into a new PwrPoint presentation. On the new PPpresentation I chose the option "Continue without the recordings for these slides". After that I went to the "Edit Audio" command and imported the audio files from the original audio folder.

I have the feeling that your response is going to be very useful when I try to publish somewhere besides my hard drive.

Will let you know how it goes!

Thanks again   : )