Topic: Videos edited in Presenter not playing in Connect 8

I have recently been using Presenter (7.0.6) to convert MPEG4 videos to FLV for upload to Connect 8. When I publish the presentation it plays fine in the browser but when uploading the published ZIP file to Connect, any video clips that have been edited using Presenter's inbuilt video editor will not play. Either there is a buffering message and the video does not load or Connect says that the video is playing and maintains the timeline but the video is not visible and there is no audio. The videos that have not been edited in Presenter seem to play fine.

In the short term I am going to have to edit my clips outside Presenter before importing them - but I was wondering if anyone has noticed this or has a fix for it? I have only been using Presenter for a couple of weeks and we have just had a Connect maintenance upgrade last week so I'm not sure if this is a new issue connected to the upgrade or not.


Re: Videos edited in Presenter not playing in Connect 8

Adobe Connect 8 SP1 was just released and is the only version to date that can play any MPEG/MP4 video. I suspect that the conversion was not being handled properly. Not sure if that is part of the issue. It could be related to the issue that Presenter 7.06 and below are based on ActionScript 2.0 while Presenter 7.07 coming in July/August will be ActionScript 3.0 based to match Adobe Connect's AC3 base.

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Re: Videos edited in Presenter not playing in Connect 8

so using Adobe Connect 8 SP1 means that i don't need to convert files into FLV?


Re: Videos edited in Presenter not playing in Connect 8

Presenter requires that the videos are in FLV. If the problem lies within the inline converter that Presenter users, then I would try using a more robust video conversion tool to ensure it gets done correctly.

However, with Presenter's update to 7.0.7 (mid August), it will be updated to a newer code language (AS2 --> AS3) and may support MP4 video, and thus have more options for acceptable file types and conversions. However that is just me taking a shot in the dark, as I have not seen Presenter 7.0.7.

A Connect 8 SP1 meeting room will take MP4 and F4V videos along with FLV.