Topic: Presenter and JAWS Screen reader

Having an issue where Presenter automatically detects the screen reader and switches to the "mini-player" mode.  Found that out via this website.  http://www.adobe.com/accessibility/prod … rview.html

The issue is that the mini-player mode doesn't have the attachments button, which we need so folks with Jaws Screen Readers can open the attachment and get to the list of hyperlinks.  (since Jaws doesn't recognize hyperlinks in Presenter).

Is there some way to disable the mini-player mode?  I looked thru the different xml files, but didn't see any settings that looked like it.   I either need to disable the mini-player mode or find some way to make the attachment button available to them...



Re: Presenter and JAWS Screen reader

Have you gone into the Presentation Settings > Theme Editor and then un-checked Enable Mode Switching? This should force the presentation to stay in "Default" view, and show the full sidebar and play bar.


Re: Presenter and JAWS Screen reader

Yes, the enable Mode Switching was unchecked. According to the website I mentioned above, the "V" key is supposed to Change the View, but it brings up the Volume instead :-(