Topic: Best way to develop an pod app that LOADS ASSETS?

I have a slideshow / video player that I'd love to test out in adobe connect. I've gone through all the steps to make sure its flash player 9 compatible and now the problem I'm facing is that it wont start. It won't start because it requires loading an xml config file located (assets/xml/video.xml) to tell the videoPlayer where to find the stream or the image files for the slideshow.

What is the best practice to have adobe connect load assets such as xml files and image files? Do these assets need to be embedded at compile time or can they be loaded at runtime (as my player works now)?

If they're able to load at runtime, how would the videoPlayer locate these files? Can i upload my assets folder to adobe connect?

Thanks for any help or any links to good resources!


Re: Best way to develop an pod app that LOADS ASSETS?

On the Connect admin side of things, I've been trying to upload files inside the "Content" tab and I can add some folder structure but "New Content" isn't available for me and returns "You do not have permission to perform this operation. Please contact an Account Administrator for assistance. " for both mine and my bosses account (we are both admins)

Am I poking around in the right direction? If I'm able to upload Video.xml in the "assets/xml" folder in Connect, does that resemble a normal, local folder structure like on any hard drive?



Re: Best way to develop an pod app that LOADS ASSETS?

@nicotr014 - Are you added to the 'Authors' group?  I beleive you need to be an author to upload content to the content library.


Re: Best way to develop an pod app that LOADS ASSETS?

Thanks alistairlee,

I understand the 'author' user group now. Now that I'm able to upload things however, I am limited to a specific set of filetypes, one which doesn't include .xml. I use xml files as configuration files that my application loads first so it knows how to setup the rest of the application

If i were to share one of these flash applications that I've developed, its my understanding that it would not work, correct? (Considering my app needs to load local .xml file and .jpg assets) In this case, my only option would be to have everything (including graphical .jpg assets and my config file) embedded into my application at COMPILE TIME, rather than having my assets loaded at RUN TIME. Is this correct?

Thanks for clarifying


Re: Best way to develop an pod app that LOADS ASSETS?

If your main file is a swf or html file then you can:
* name your swf(html) as index.swf(html)
* make a zip of swf(html) file along with all the the resources
* upload the content and it should work out.

BTW, if your main file is a swf file do note that your main swf file is not root of the stage area...so while loading assets, you'd first need to get _url in your swf file and then modify the path to get the correct path to your assets.