Topic: Grey Scale PNG Presenter Image causes PowerPoint Crash

This is a fault that has caused me much lost time; and yet it is so specific and obtuse I'm not sure anyone else will have the problem.

The fault manifests as PowerPoint crashing when using the Publish Command; specifically during (or immediately after) the compiling of audio.

After a number of days I've identified the problem - it was caused by having a Grey Scale PNG file as the Presenter Image.

Grey Scale JPEGs aren't a problem.

Colour PNGs aren't a problem.

Grey scale PNGs for the Presenter Image causes PowerPoint to crash consistently, magnificently and irretriveably every time you try and publish.

I've since tested using a variety of formats in colour and grey scale and it seems only Grey Scale PNG images have the issue.

BTW - the grey scale image was created in Photoshop CS5 using the Mode Command whereby colour information is discarded; I assume that in that process some vital element of information is lost that makes the file unreadable by the publish process and creates the crash.

So now we all know

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Re: Grey Scale PNG Presenter Image causes PowerPoint Crash

Just out of curiosity I tried to duplicate your scenario and did not experience the same problem.

I do not know if your crash could be a version issue or if it is isolated to your system, I am using Microsoft Office 2007 with Connect Presenter version 7.0.6 build 7604 with out having the same problem.

I would suggest for anyone else that experiences the same problem as you when converting the images to Grey Scale in PhotoShop, that they then convert the image back to RGB before saving them as PNG's.


Re: Grey Scale PNG Presenter Image causes PowerPoint Crash

Hi Tom

The image that caused me the problems can be found on my post on the Adobe forums.

I'm curious to know whether the image causes the same problems it did for me.

See:  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/827588?tstart=0


Re: Grey Scale PNG Presenter Image causes PowerPoint Crash

For what it is worth, I always use Jpeg images, as they are supported by the flash player, and seem to give consistent results. It has just become my rule of thumb with Presenter.