Topic: Adobe Premiere Elements to Adobe Presenter Workflow

Hi all,

I did some projects with Adobe Presenter and still think I could be faster than I do.

Right now this is my workflow:

1. Record presenting person, one video per slide
2. Import videos into Elements
3. Drag videos in timeline, cut videos, eliminate doubles
4. In timeline, set start point to start of slide video, end point to end of slide and export.
5. Repeat step 4 the number of times there are slides (50slide, 50 time)
6. In Adobe Presenter, Import each video slide by slide (50slides, 50 times)

This process needs some hours.

My questions:
1. How can I shorten step 4/5, could chapter or timeline marker and a video splitter help? If so, what's the exact workflow?
2. How can import each vide be shortened, step 6?



Re: Adobe Premiere Elements to Adobe Presenter Workflow

Unfortunately, there is not an easier process for this at this time. Presenter is a very simple tool, and thus, doesn't have the flexibility of other tools.

You may find that using Captivate simplifies the work flow, since you can place a single video across multiple slides, but you may find working with PPT content in Captivate frustrating. So it comes down to which is the lesser of time consumers.


Re: Adobe Premiere Elements to Adobe Presenter Workflow

Yes, I suggest Captivate will be the right tool for you.