Topic: adding attachments so only availabe after certain slide

Hi... we are new to presenter and I have one of the folks on my team asking this question:

Is there a way to have the user download a file at the end of a section of a project without seeing all the other files that will be downloaded throughout the project?  If not, can projects be linked together to accomplish this?


Re: adding attachments so only availabe after certain slide

With Presenter, if you add any file as attachment, it will be available instantly. So using single project you will not be able restrict download of file towards the end.

Are you using Presenter content for training? If yes, then you can create a Curriculum and add multiple projects to same curriculum. Add attachments to one project which is accessible only after previous one is completed and so on.  If this route is ok then try this and let me know if you face any issue.

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Re: adding attachments so only availabe after certain slide

What about using the hyperlink function. You could provide hyperlink attachments to specific slides that would prompt your user to download your file at the time you want them to.

The user would still be able to access all files by clicking the attachment (paperclip) icon at any time, but it would allow you to give some direction regards which files to download at which time.  Here is a tutorial for this
http://www.connectusers.com/tutorials/2 … /index.php

You could potentially hack the paperclip icon, but that's a lot of work (and I'm not sure it would succeed, just guessing).