Topic: CD Package w/autorun not playing automatically


I am trying to publish a presentation using the CD package w/autorun feature. I publish all of the files to a folder designated on my desktop then I burn a CD of that folder. The cd's aren't playing automatically when inserted into a computer (I've tried 3 and have checked that autorun is setup on all three computers). Any ideas? The 3 additional published files associated with CD packaging are in the folder I'm burning to CD.



Re: CD Package w/autorun not playing automatically

The part of your message that raises a question here is that you mention you have 3 published folders. Is this one presentation, or three? Can you say a little more about this presentation, and if it is one Presenter file, or multiple files.

What exactly happens when you insert the CD? Are you at least given the standard windows prompt of "what do you want to do..."


Re: CD Package w/autorun not playing automatically

Are you burning the the content packaged inside folder or directly the content? What I mean to say is that lets say i publish ...MyAdobe Presentations/myPreso/<all the folder> so you should copy the content inside the folder mypreso and burn them to CD. Autorun.exe, autorun.inf and and Presenter.ico should be at first level in CD.

In case you want to keep all the content inside the folder(as it appears on publishing) then you will have to modify autorun.inf accordingly.