Topic: General Presenter Publishing Problems

Hello Everyone,

I apologize in advance if this issue has alreay come up and been addressed, but I am running into silly publishing glitches in Presenter that I'm not sure how to fix.

Stuff like graphics moving out of place, outlines around text, audio disappearing, all of which happens only when published.

I'm using 7.0.6, and have made sure to update all the way to the 7.0.6. patch. I've re-installed, and still no dice. Anyone else have these issues?

Sometimes it can be fixed if I go back into PPT and tweak the content, sometimes not. I was wondering if their is a fix out there or if this is just something Presenter users have to leave with for now.



Re: General Presenter Publishing Problems

If you are using Presenter 7.0.6, then this shouldn't have happened. Are you using PPTX file? Try saving it as PPT and then publish.

For Audio, did you import audio using Adobe Presenter or Inserted from Powerpoint menu ? For Presenter to publish audio correctly it must be imported using Presenter -> Import Audio Menu

Also makes sure you are publishing Audio with Audio quality set to 96kbps or above.



Re: General Presenter Publishing Problems

Thanks, publishing from a PPT seemed to fix minor publishing glitches. I wonder why the PPTX file extension causes errors?


Re: General Presenter Publishing Problems

Is Audio issue also resolved?

PPTX saves information about content in different way when compared to PPTX. And at times that is what creates the issue specially when content has multiple animations or effects. And most of the time saving and publishing as PPT has resolved issues for me.