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I have a survey that I've created in Presenter.  It is set to "Optional" for completion.  I'm asking people to answer a question and then depending on how they answer, they are navigated to another slide of information--then I want them to go back to where they were in the survey.

I did this because I can't provide them with the "Feedback" option because I don't want to allow review. 

Everything works fine up to the page of information based on their input.  From the information page I can't get back to the quiz.  The informational slides are hidden slides at the end of the presentation.  They are at the end because Presenter strips the slides out of the presentation when publishing because they aren't quiz slides...

I put a button on the informational pages to get back to the quiz slides and it won't work... I'm at a TOTAL loss....


Re: Quiz Navigation and Feedback

If you don't shuffle your quiz questions you can put the content slides in between the quiz slides. From there you should be able to set up the navigation (some in the question settings, some in the Slide Manager).

If you ever leave the quiz, it is considered forfeit, and you can't get back in.


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Unfortunately, I'm not shuffling the questions--never did... but Presenter won't budge :(  I have my questions in groups though... is that the problem?


Re: Quiz Navigation and Feedback


There could be many reasons for this... 

The obvious reason is that you don't allow backwards navigation.  Make sure that is set in the quiz options.

I'm not sure if I would put the questions at the END of the presentation (after the last question in your quiz) because that would constitute a new attempt on a quiz when the learner navigates back from the survey (e.g. they might lose how they answered the questions previously).  Obviously, you'll want to test.




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If you are using the question Groups feature, that may be the issue as well. Try just putting the questions in a Quiz, then distributing the feedback slides between the appropriate questions.


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I've found both to be true!  You must allow backwards navigation, but also, Presenter won't allow you to navigate freely or add response slides if quesitons are in a Group.