Topic: Video embedded in presentation slide playing inconsistently

I could really use some help...  I have been tasked with preparing a presentation (using Adobe Presenter 7.0.6) to include three separate video clips, ranging from 17 to 35 seconds, each embedded on their own slide.  I have tried several different ways of building these slides, but users intermittently report problems with the videos becoming choppy, often the audio breaking up and the video itself skipping.  It has been very rare that I myself would see these problems, the presentations typically run fine on the machine I'm working on, but others within the same network are experiencing the problems, and the problems have been duplicated outside the network as well.  I am at a loss; I have tried importing the original .mov files, I have tried importing converted .flv files that our IT department says they've dumbed down to a ridiculously low resolution (and it looks horrible).  Does anybody have any guidelines for size, quality, anything that they use when embedding videos into their presentations?  Anything'd help....  Thanks!


Re: Video embedded in presentation slide playing inconsistently

I am not sure if you are having the same issue as us, but we are having trouble even when playing locally and with machines with plenty of horsepower.  From our testing it seems to be a combination of Flash and a Realtek driver. 

Here is the thread on the topic:

http://www.connectusers.com/forums/cucb … hp?id=4429


Re: Video embedded in presentation slide playing inconsistently

When encoding the video to FLV, stick with ~400 Kbps for the bit rate. This will accommodate most user's internet connectivity. Also keep in mind that when Presenter loads, it load the first three slides during the loading screen, then begins pre-loading one slide every three seconds in the background. Knowing that, if you place a video later in the presentation, then it is more likely to pre-load fully and not have any buffer issues.