Topic: Presenter 7.0.6 crashes during Publish

I had been running Presenter 7.0, but was experiencing strange font problems (e.g., Presenter was randomly adding a space before an apostrophe, as in "it 's" instead of "it's"). In hunting around for a solution, I noticed that there were a number of patch updates I had not installed. So I installed them all up to 7.0.6.  I am now running Presenter "7.0.6 build 7604"

Unfortunately, now Presenter is unable to publish my presentation at all. The Publish Presentation status pop-up window shows the progress bar moving slowly across to the right. It gets about three-quarters of the way across, then disappears without ever completing the publish process.

This same presentation published OK in Presenter 7.0. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Does anyone know of a fix?

I am running on Windows XP Pro version 2002 with Service Pack 3,  and using Office 2007.



Re: Presenter 7.0.6 crashes during Publish

I had a large number of backup slides at the back of my PowerPoint deck. When I removed them, Adobe Presenter was able to publish again. The extra slides weren't particularly large or graphics-intensive, so I'm not sure why deleting them fixed the issue. But I suppose all's well that ends well. :-)