Topic: I can't reactivate Presenter


For some reason Presenter got deactivated on my computer.

I tried to reactivate it from within PowerPoint (Menu -> PowerPoint Options -> Add-ins) but a message comes on informing this must be done by an Administrator. Well,... I have an Admin account and I can run (for instance) Internet Explorer and other software as an Administrator if I choose to.

However, the option to run PowerPoint as Admin is not enabled..

Please, help!

Thank you for any ideas.



Re: I can't reactivate Presenter

Right click on PowerPoint icon and use "Run as Administrator" option

Does that work?


Re: I can't reactivate Presenter

Hey mrock66,

Thank you for the input.

Howerver, this is the problem - the  "Run as Administrator" option is not there, although it is there for other applications, such as Internet Explorer.