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I have a simple quiz to introduce to a non-graded presentation. The quiz is multiple choice with 3 possible answers, only one is correct.

I'd like to provide answer feedback on the two incorrect answers. If the user chooses "a", I'd like to give them two short sentences on why "a" may not be the best answer, and allow them to re-take the quiz, for example.

I cannot figure out how to do this, as simple as it sounds. I can allow an "incorrect" message to display, but cannot seem to customize that message and make it different for answering "a" or "b", the two incorrect answers. They are incorrect for different reasons.

Using "advanced" options forces me to branch into a new slide, not just provide feedback. Can I not provide feedback and allow the user to re-take the quiz without having to navigate away from it?

Thanks for your help. I'm not sure how to get the settings correct to achieve this, assuming that it's possible.


Re: Answer feedback on quizzes


I've definitely created distractor-specific feedback for questions.  In the "Advanced" section, make sure to complete the Answer Feedback field.  For "Action", you might want to try "Go to slide" and choose the question slide again (or the slide before the question slide).




Re: Answer feedback on quizzes


Thanks for the insight. This definitely works. I had tried using the "go to slide" and bringing the user back to the quiz slide, but the buttons were grayed out. I changed the number of attempts from 3 to "infinite" and that seemed to take care of it. Anyway, this solves my challenge - THANKS!