Topic: Quiz problems... 'Fill in the blank'

Hey.. I hope someone can help!  :)

I went through and added 70 questions (mostly fill in the blank) through the quiz manager.  I have done this before and never seemed to have any problems, although I have always done less than 10.

When it inserts the question into the slide I had to un-group some of them to change the size of the text box (where the user would type their answer) and then re-group the items.  When I upload this onto the hosted adobe server it leaves out the text box.  The questions that I did not change turned out fine.

I am wondering how I can change these text boxes without loosing them when its uploaded and also if I can salvage the current ones.  I already have over 6 hours invested in this current project and don


Re: Quiz problems... 'Fill in the blank'

Question:  are you working with PowerPoint '07 and Presenter 7.0.5?  If so, then there's no need to ungroup your question elements.

You should be able to click the "fill-in-the-blank" object and simply move that around a bit to allow enough room for text to display on the slide.

I don't mean to sound smug about this, but if you don't have the updated 7.0.5 plug in, I would strongly recommend getting that taken care of as it will help resolve a number of other related issues, but in this case, it also allows for better control of question elements




Re: Quiz problems... 'Fill in the blank'

I am using PP '03 and presenter 7.

I think I acutally figured it out.  I was typing the question where it says "phrase".

Changed it around and it seems to work fine now.