Topic: PowerPoint Animations not accurate and text format changed

I am a New Adobe Presenter user.

After animating my slides in PowerPoint (2007) using custom motion path, I tested the animations in slideshow view.  After publishing the material with presenter the animations are no longer accurate. Spacing and movements are off. 

I have also see that other parts of the presentation have also been changed in some slides but not all. For example text is no longer formatted correctly on some slides. It has somehow been changed in the process of going from PowerPoint to presenter.
Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.


Re: PowerPoint Animations not accurate and text format changed

Search the forums and there are going to be some answers about fonts. I know there are one or two that throw some issues, so you may find that is the answers. Also, be careful about text boxes that auto-format text to fit within it, as I have seen this not translate well in Presenter.

Not sure why the motion paths would be an issue. Be sure that you are using the latest version of Presenter, 7.0.5. That is 3 updates from the base installer version. That may solve both problems if you are not up to date.