Topic: Quiz - more questions in 1 slide

I woul like to create an interactive text. It is text with gaps that users fill in. I am trying to use Adobe Presenter for it and my problem is that I am not able to place more than 1 question in 1 slide.

Example i need to create:
The Czech Republic is plced in ............ Europe. The capital is ....................... The biggist mountain is ..................... etc. (Continuous text)

The text in placed on 1 slide and I only want to give users feedback about his success.

Is Adobe Presenter useful for that? How to manage it?

Thanks a lot

Jan Marek


Re: Quiz - more questions in 1 slide

The fill in the blank question type will allow you to have multiple blanks for the question. However there are a few things to keep in mind with regards to this.

First, Presenter's quiz engine is a black and white quiz engine. Meaning  that your students would have to get all the blanks correct to get the points for that question. Miss one blank and you get zero points.

Second, for this question type, you can't have custom feed back for each blank. So your feedback messages would be for all correct answers or all incorrect answers.   

So if you are looking for different functionality then Presenter may not be the tool of choice.


Re: Quiz - more questions in 1 slide

Thanks for your help.
May I have another question?
Is there any other better solution or tool (captivata, ...) for that reason?

Jan MArek


Re: Quiz - more questions in 1 slide

Captivate uses the same quiz engine. I don't know of any tools that do that out of the box, though someone else here may. You may also look at building the quiz questions in Flash and then bringing them into Captivate or Presenter. I believe the reporting is easier done with custom questions in Captivate, as it has a widget function.