Topic: Hyperlinks in inserted swf file

Does hyperlinks (or buttons) in inserted swf file work when published via presenter 7.0.5 ?
Any alternative if do not ?


Re: Hyperlinks in inserted swf file


If you're looking to include "hyperlinking" in a flash object, the answer is yes....but it WILL depend on what you're trying to do AND it requires using Actionscript in Flash.

Example: if you wanted to link to a website, then all you need to do is use the getURL() method in Flash.  From there, save the file as a .swf and then import the file into your deck using Presenter's Insert SWF feature.  I've even used a flash button to link to, and open, a series of Captivate files that were packaged with the published presentation.  The whole thing was zipped and installed on an LMS and it worked perfectly.

However, if you intend to use a flash element to link from one slide to another, then that's a whole other story entirely and it's not something I'd recommend...way too clunky and there are better methods of accomplishing that task.

So...provided that you can do some light programming in Flash, the answer is yes, you can utilize links in a flash object....but the big question here is what you intend to do with hyperlinks in a swf file.

Care to share a bit more?