Topic: Reporting Capabilities of Presenter?

Can Presenter track at the reports level whether most students missed a specific question and which answers they selected (in comparison to the correct answer)?  Did not know if this is possible or not?


Re: Reporting Capabilities of Presenter?

This is possible, but only if the content is part of an Adobe Connect Training Course or hosted by an LMS.  If the presentation is hosted soley in the Connect Content Library, then data is only captured at an aggregate level. 

I do know that in the latest release of Adobe Captivate, questions can be tracked if hosted on the Acrobat.com service: http://www.adobe.com/products/captivate … iew=topnew (click on Tracking and Reporting).

Not sure if this is going to be extended to Presenter or not.


Re: Reporting Capabilities of Presenter?


Adobe Presenter does track interactions within any AICC/SCORM-compliant LMS (and also tracks this level of detail in Adobe Connect Training, as David indicated).  Part of the interaction-tracking includes sending the LMS the "Interaction ID", the "Correct Answer" (what distractor(s) comprise the correct answer) and the "Student Answer" (what distractor(s) the actually selected), the "Result" (whether they answered the question correctly).

What's not clear from your post is if you wanted to display that information within the Presenter file (e.g. sort of a summary that shows how they answered each question and how they were supposed to answer that question).    This is also possible, though a bit more complex.  Basic premise of this functionality is provided in the Quiz Review of Presenter (and Captivate)