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Topic: Timing NOT Kept for 1 Slide in PPT 2007

I'm finishing a Presenter and it will not keep the timing I set to the imported audio on one screen. It also will not keep the "disappear" transition on the photo.

The PPT is created in 2007. The audio file is MP3. The transitions are all appear and disappear. Let me know if you can think of any fixes for the fifth slide.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Timing NOT Kept for 1 Slide in PPT 2007

How did you set the timing on the slide? When you import the audio file to the slide, it should adjust the slide to the length of the audio file. Did something else happen or are you trying to adjust the audio timing to be different from the MP3 file?

As to the transitions, is your disappear animation set to On Click? Did you sync it to the audio? I've seen animations missed and it just lives at the end of the slide, as far a Presenter is concerned, and it occurs when the slide ends. In this case you wouldn't notice because the image disappears when the slide disappears.


Re: Timing NOT Kept for 1 Slide in PPT 2007

The slides and animations were created in PPT. The audio was recorded as an MP3 file and imported. I used the Presenter Edit Audio to shorten long pauses and sync the transitions to the corresponding points in the audio. (None are hanging out there un-timed.)

All of the transitions - whether it's appear or disappear - are for On Click.


Re: Timing NOT Kept for 1 Slide in PPT 2007

I should mention that I have another slide immediately following it using the same lay-out and transition/animation scheme, and no issues are occurring for that one.


Re: Timing NOT Kept for 1 Slide in PPT 2007

Hm, have you tried editing the audio file outside of Presenter? Just trying to start eliminating suspects. If you can edit the audio file elsewhere and then bring it into Presenter, and it works, then Presenter is clearly the object a fault.

Being an issue with the functionality of the tool, I would also say that it may be worth your while to leverage Adobe Support, as it may be a bug and they may know a work around. If you do call support, push to get to tier three, as they will most likely have the ability to get you an answer.


Re: Timing NOT Kept for 1 Slide in PPT 2007

The audio is slide-by-slide and doesn't require much editing beyond deleting the lead-in and leave-off "silence". I've even tried deleting the audio and slide, rebuilding it, and republishing it with a "new" one and it still doesn't work.

I can't call Adobe for service...they want me to submit online and promise a response in 3-5 business days.

On top of it all, I'm now getting the 12030 initial error, rather than the 505 one, leading to the 42006 exception.