Topic: Presenter will not publish to Connect

Presenter 7 can create the swf to desktop, but when I try to publish to Connect, it hangs up.  It gets through "preparing files" changes to "publishing" stage but never gets any further. 
Any help is apprecisted.


Re: Presenter will not publish to Connect


A couple questions:

- How big are the files when published locally? 
- How long did you wait to publish on Adobe Connect? 
- Were you able to log-in successfully to Adobe Connect via the publish dialog and select the path to publish to?




Re: Presenter will not publish to Connect

- The file is small - 151k
- I waited until it timed out.  or I walked away, came back in 15 -20 minutes or so
- Yes, I did manage to log-in , but Presenter could not complete the job as I described above. 

I also uploaded the file directly from my desktop to the Content Library.  The Powerpoint with audio session appears as a viewable link in the library, however, when it  tries to open, the wheel keeps spinning on the meeting splash page and the presentation will not start.
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Re: Presenter will not publish to Connect

Hi There,

I was going through a couple of 'Hot Issues' with Adobe Presenter recently when I glanced upon this post.

I understand it could be troublesome to deal with while trying to publish to Adobe Connect from Presenter 7. However, there are a couple of things we can check so as to avoid further issues.

1) Please ensure that you are a part of the 'Author' system group in Connect as otherwise, Connect won't let you upload any content to the Content Library.
2) Please ensure that the meeting URL or the Contents directory URL you are trying to upload a content to, is correct.
3) In case of uploading a content to a meeting, instead of the contents library, it is advisable to log in as a meeting host at the publish screen.

Further, it has been observed that it takes a long time to upload a file to Connect as even after a 100% upload, the page still shows as processing because after the upload is done, Connect tries to convert the uploaded file to a .swf based format so that it could be recognized by Connect.

You can also try to publish your content as a .zip archive from Adobe Presenter and then try to upload it to Adobe Connect as a work-around.

I hope this helps.

Ashish Prashad