Topic: Adobe Presenter and Microsoft Office 2010

Adobe has not conducted formal testing, but initial results indicate that Adobe Presenter 7 software is currently not compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and Adobe does not certify the behavior of using the two together. Please review the full Adobe Presenter software system requirements.

During the Adobe Presenter 7 software installation process, Presenter checks for the presence of a compatible version of Microsoft PowerPoint and will not install if a compatible version is not found.

Customers who upgrade to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and have Adobe Presenter already installed before the upgrade will find that the Presenter program ribbon appears in PowerPoint, but attempting to use any of the Presenter software functionality can result in unexpected behavior or not function properly.

Will Presenter 7 be updated to support PowerPoint 2010?

Adobe is currently investigating the development of a future update to plans to make Presenter 7 compatible with Office 2010 in a future update.