Topic: Quiz Branching

After someone submits their answer for a quiz question, I want to use the quiz redirection feature to have them be redirected to another slide, which provides feedback (there's a lot of info so I have to do it on one separate slide). So far not working though. I went to Quiz Manager → I Select the Quiz Question → Edit → Options → In the "If Wrong Answer" section I select "Go to slide" → I then select the slide # I want them to be redirected to. I published, then when I get to that quiz quesion, I select the answer, then submit, but nothing happens. The quiz does not go to the other slide, or even to the next question. It just stays stuck, and I am unable to move forward. Any ideas? Thanks.


Re: Quiz Branching

This should work for you, we have used it many times. However, we, for some reason have to click twice.


Re: Quiz Branching

Check the settings for the quiz (Optional, Required, Pass Required, or Answer All). You will want it to be Optional or Required. Also make sure that in the Slide Manager you have your content slide go to the next quiz slide.