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I have tried all of the remedies from the forum but still cannot get it to work. Nothing has changed since I last used it successfully. The Presenter commands are present and the add-in has not been disabled. When I open a previous PowerPoint (using Windows 7; Office 2007) that was successfully uploaded, I get the following message: "Run-time error 2147467259 (80004005) SlideShow Window (unknown member); invalid request. Automation rights not granted."

Have re-installed Presenter and am up-to-date on upgrades.

When I attempt to start a new presentation from scratch, Presenter seems to work; for example, I can open the slide manager.  But then it stops after I start adding text.

Any ideas?


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Any group policies setup?  Are you on a corporate domain?


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Hi.  No corporate domain.


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Hey CJReilly52

You will not believe this - I have exactly the same problem and the same symptons! The error message I get is exactly the same - even all the funny numbers are the same.

So I went out and bought a new copy of Microsoft Office, I uninstalled Presenter 7, downloaded a fresh copy of Presenter 7 and started everything fresh. Presenter 7 will work for a new PowerPoint, for once or twice and then I will get the error message and thats it - kaput. The Presenter icons are all there, they just don't work. The rest of PowerPoint works just fine.

I am using Windows 7 and Presenter 7 and PowerPoint 2007.

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Hey guys,

Don't know what the fix is, but another user experienced the same issue previously. He did find a workaround which is described in his post: http://www.connectusers.com/forums/cucb … hp?id=3118

Microsoft has published a couple KB articles for this, and you might be able to find some info re: that run time error if you google it. Hope that helps.


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Hi all,
I had the same error show up and after talking with a few Adobe folks it appears to be a corrupt cache file that needs to be deleted.  In my case, the file was named ppt12.pcb and we found it in the apps area of my roaming profile:  C:\Users\gbwhit23\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\PowerPoint

Your file name may be slightly different if you are a version behind in office, but if you search appdata for .pcb files, a similar name should come up.


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gbwhit23 - your solution worked for me as well, but for a different situation. I had a problem this morning in which Presenter would generate an error message "Presenter has encountered a problem working with this presentation..."
Deleted the ppt12.pcb file and now it seems to be working just fine.



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If you save the presentation as a macro enabled presentation and then save back to regular ppt, you will get the presenter functionality back.

There are a ton of bugs with this add on. It seems Adobe ignored this product.


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Thanks for the information, had exactly same issue, windows 7 PPT 2007 Presenter 7.0.7. Deleting pcb file fixed for me.