Topic: Several annoying glitches

I am a Captivate user. This is my first attempt to use Presenter 7.

My presentation was created in PPT 2008 for Mac, then opened and saved in PPT 2007 for Windows. When I click through the slideshow in Windows, everything works perfectly. However, when I publish the presentation in Presenter, several glitches appear:


Re: Several annoying glitches

Welcome to Presenter! : )

I think you'll quickly find, as I and others have, that Presenter is pretty limiting and very frustrating, especially when it comes to PPT 2007. Smart Art is iffy, fonts are iffy, and many other issues as you've seen. There are sometimes workarounds for the glitches but not all.

I prefer to use Captivate whenever possible. I advise you to do the same if you can.

If you can't, then what you can do is try to simplify your slide objects by turning them all static. Flatten everything into a single PNG if you have to.



Re: Several annoying glitches

Thank you Mark. I've been reading up on the topic of Captivate vs. Presenter and I was coming to the same conclusion myself--just use Captivate. Seems like the only advantage of Presenter is the easy editing in PPT, and a little more user control.


Re: Several annoying glitches

Yeah - I like the drawing tools in PPT 2007 a lot, but find it too annoying to use as the sole dev tool. I recently did a project in PPT 2007 where I used it to create all of the slides, then used 'Save As...' to save as a separate PNG file for each slide. That results in a set of crystal clear PNG files at 960x720 resolution. I then imported those into Captivate's library, attached to each slide, and went from there. That worked better than that horrible 'link' or 'import' feature in Captivate, where 1/3rd of the slides are screwed up in some way...



Re: Several annoying glitches

I too, prefer Captivate vs Presenter. Thanks for the information using PPT2007 to create slides. I intend to give this a try.


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I agree that each tool has it's benefits and drawbacks. Presenter is great as a quick and simple tool to take content created in PPT, enhance it with audio, video, and quiz functionality, then output it as a web-ready presentation. Captivate is a great tool for creating rich and interactive application training and eLearning content creation.