Topic: How to configure: vconfig.xml and language.xml ?

As I understand there are quite a few possibilities to configure the vconfig.xml and language.xml files. Now I wonder if there is a sort of a guide or manual that explains what the attribute names refer to and that instructs how to do some of the fundamental tweakings?

Also, I am wondering if it is possible to add one more languages that is not yet included as default? We would for instance be happy to have the interface in Swedish, and it would then of course be very neat if one could just add that language to the files.

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Re: How to configure: vconfig.xml and language.xml ?

Hi Jonas,  You can't add addional language files, there are many hard coded language items within the code.

What are you trying to change in the other files?  Nothing would be documented or supported, and I'm not sure those are the files you would want to edit anyway.  Let me know what you are trying to change, and we can go from there.


Re: How to configure: vconfig.xml and language.xml ?

Hi Matt, Here are a couple of things we would like to do:
- Increase font size in the Notes pod (sidebar) - I have succeeded to enlarge the font in the Outline pod, but not yet for the Notes.
- Increase font size for the questions in the Quiz pod.
- Change the name of the Quiz pod (Quiz) and also other names in the Quiz pod; in all languages
- Change the message of WARNINGMSG_TITLESTRING and WARNINGMSG_TITLESTRING - in all languages.
- Change the loading message -- <uitext name="ADOBE_PRESENTER" value="your_text"/>-- I do not know where exactly to place it.
- Change the logo (Adobe) and the hyperlink (now Adobe's) - I do not know where exactly to place it.

- Add Swedish as a UI language. When our Swedish customers use our Presenter productions, the interface should preferably be in Swedish.

All good advice is very much welcome!