Topic: Translation of labels and messages

Where do I best translate the labels in the sidebar: Quiz, Outline, Thumb, Notes, and Search?

And where can I translate the message that pops up when one leaves a Quiz before having answered all questions?

The language I am concerned about right now is Swedish, and that is a language that is not yet standard in ACP. So my questions apply to every no-standard ACP language.



Re: Translation of labels and messages

Just guessing here... do you need to create some customized lines in the vconfig.xml?

There was a thread about language behavior in Presenter not too long ago that may help shine some light. Jorma Jennings and Rob Rode have good insight on this topic.
http://www.connectusers.com/forums/cucb … 9068#p9068


Re: Translation of labels and messages

Thanks Daniel!
I really want to explore the possibilites there are in customizing the vconfig.xml and the language.xml files.