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Hi.  I have a question about video in Adobe Presenter.  I import video that will play in the presenter section and I chose 700kbps for the quality because it will be publish on CD.  The Powerpoint will also be publish for the web.  How can I recompress the video at 150kbps for my web publication...

When we publish the Powerpoint we can select the quality of audio and image but not the video.

Can you tell me where can I recompress the video.

I have 45 slides with presenter video... I don't want to delete all the videos et reimport them.  Also I don't want to have a low resolution and a high resolution Powerpoint.  I want a high resolution Powerpoint that I can export in a low quality presentation for the web or high quality for CD...

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Re: recompresse video

Can't be done, you will need to make two builds and do a publish for each use case.

You can, however, look to custom tools to have the online version pickup a steam of the video from an external server, which will stream at whatever bit rate you want. Doing this still gives you two builds in Presenter, but only one would actually have video inserted in it, the CD build.