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Has anybody noticed that recording with Presenter can be a complete nightmare in terms of levels.
No matter what I do, presenter 7.0.2. (and previous) always raises the microphone recording volume from the windows setting to either 75% or 100% (depending on version)
100% recording levels leads to terrible distortion and recording quality in most cases.  It can make recording very difficult. I know that I can use the editor to reduce the audio levels but starting with peeked audio from the recording is a mess.

I am seriously thinking of abandoning this 'shoddy' product and moving all of our users to articulate studio

Other issues I am having
Audio sync issues
Crashing PowerPoint
Audio editor is very poor

A frustrated Presenter user and soon to be Articulate user at this rate



Re: Audio levels


Have you tried the 7.0.5 upgrade yet?
http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/ … ftpID=4563

Here are the release notes:

Hopefully this update will help you overcome the problems you are experiencing.



Re: Audio levels

Thanks David,
the update has removed some other issues but the product still automatically raises the recording volume to 100%. I have abandoned recording in Presenter and I am using SoundBooth instead and will import/sync later



Re: Audio levels

When you are adjusting the volume level in Presenter, make sure you un-check the Normalize audio feature, as it will try to equalize the audio levels to match the rest of the presentation, thus undoing your volume adjustment. This functionality seemed to come back with the update to 7.0.5.