Topic: Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005) in Presenter

Whenever I try to run Presenter, I get the run-time error:
"Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)"

Presenter occasionally runs and then crashes when I try to save my work. More often, Presenter will not even load.

I have been using Presenter 7.0 without problem for quite a while with PowerPointt 2007. I did just update to Windows 7.0 (64 bit) and switched to Kaspersky Internet Security (but I don't know if either are involved in this problem.

An ideas?

I have checked that I have all updates installed. I have use the Adober repair functions.

Any other ideas?


Re: Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005) in Presenter

I have tested Presenter 7 will Vista Business and two different anti-virus softwares.  I am having the same or similar problems with on all three computers.

I have unistalled on all three computers, reinstalled, and added all available updates. Still no help. After the reinstall, however, PowerPoint rejects the Presenter addin.


Re: Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005) in Presenter

Which Presenter version is installed? 7.0.1? 7.0.5?
If you have 7.0.1, try to update ... that solved a lot of problems for me.


Re: Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005) in Presenter

Thanks for the suggestion, but I have all the updates.

Presenter 7.0.5


Re: Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005) in Presenter

Hi Nealf,
Do you use ACT for database? Looks like that particular run time error might be tied with SQL server or with Visual Basics in PPT. Just a guess after a quick google, and not sure what that means in terms of a solution. Sounds like you need technical support from a more knowledgeable source.


Re: Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005) in Presenter

Thanks. I think you are right. The Visual Basics commands in the Presenter addin must not be working.

For some reason, PowerPoint is refusing to accept or run the Presenter addin.


Re: Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005) in Presenter

I think I found a workaround for my problem.

I ran the Windows Program Compatiblity troubleshooter. The Program Compatibility troubleshooter to simulates the behavior of earlier versions of Windows.

Presenter won't run in Windows 7 for me, but it will run in Windows XP (service pack 2).