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Topic: SWF file not running after being published

I created 3 interactive SWF files in Flash (using actionscript 2.0, no skins). These SWF files run just fine on their own or called by an HTML file.

I then imported them into my PPT slides using Presenter's Insert Flash option. After clicking this option, I select the file, and if I click on Preview before selecting OK to load the file, it shows the Flash file and it shows animations moving on the Flash slide. So Presenter is recognizing it. The one unusual thing is that when I select the file, I see a yellow caution sign displayed.

Once I click OK and the files are loaded, I resize them on the slides and publish using Presenter.

When I try to play through the movie, the static PPT files appear fine, but as soon as I get to one of the SWF imports, it appears as a blank white screen. Also, if I reopen the PPT file again, the Flash images on the slides have also become white boxes. It looks as though the slide is empty. But when I click around the screen, the handles for a white box (formerly the swf) appear.

One more thing...

So, I though perhaps this has something to do with the caution box. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong in Flash? (If so, any suggestions on what this could be?)

But then, a colleague sent me a .swf generated in Captivate (vs. Flash). I tried loading it, and when I selected the file, it did not show a yellow caution sign; HOWEVER, it exhibited the same behavior as the other SWF files after I published and tried to run it.

3 Other Things I tried which did not have any impact:

Tried resizing the SWF file on the slide after it was imported. Tried publishing without resizing the file (just leaving it sitting on the slide exactly as it had been imported).

Tried using the 'manage .swf' tab within Presenter to specify to "control the .swf with the Presenter play bar." Tried publishing without that setting selected. 

Tried setting the Flash import to 'fixed proportions' under size. Tried publishing with it turned off.

I'm still getting the same results. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Re: SWF file not running after being published

We had this same problem. There are several ways  to fix it. One is to right click the swf object on your slide and make sure it is pointing to the right place Right Click >> Properties.

If it is not, then try doing that.

If it still does not work try putting the swf in the same folder as the ppt, right next to it not in a subfolder or anything. Then open the presentation and save it, then publish.

Also if you are getting it to work locallay but not when you publish, then put the swfs in the same folder as the ppt, save it, publish it locally then navigate to the publish folder and plop the swfs in there too. Then zip all that and upload the zip instead of directly publishing to the server.