Topic: Audio resource folder disappearing

I'm working in Presenter 7.0.5 and after working on a project for a while, I went into Audio>Edit and I got a message stating that Presenter was having trouble locating my files - then the audio folder was suddenly gone. Didn't even crash out of the program. When this happened the first time, I was able to restart and the folder reappeared. The second time this happened, on a different file - it was gone, gone, gone. Gone from the HD - unable to browse it at all.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?


Re: Audio resource folder disappearing

This has happend to me more than a few times.

If I had presenter 7.0.5 and I would complete some work then pass it over to another person who had a version below 7.0.5 (esp. version 7.0.0) then they would touch it and save it. Then when I opened it I would get the same "missing files" message and poof the audio folder contents were gone.

If you pass the PPT around to others , make sure that everyone who touches the ppt either has your exact same version of presenter and that it is not 7.0.0 or that they do not have presenter at all.

To complete an upgrade you have to click presenter >> help >> about. Then Presenter >> help >> check for updates. Then repeat that WHOLE process again until there are no more updates. You must keep clicking "Presenter >> help>> about".


Re: Audio resource folder disappearing

Also make sure you aren't working with Presenter over a network share, and when you do send your file around, to zip the entire structure up.