Topic: Quiz 'freezing' on 'failed' score navigation

I am attempting to create a quiz that has 5 question groups within it.  Each group has 15 MC questions, of which 10 are randomly selected.
If the quiz taker passes the first 'group' they continue on to the second and so on.  The problem I have is when the taker fails at any 'group' (except the 5th).  It is then expected that they will go to the second quiz within the same file.  However, the quiz 'freezes' and there is no navigation at all possible.

I have tried:
1.  Adjusting the settings within question groups and quiz levels in the quiz manager
2.  using different quizzes instead of quiz groups (but this means there is no random question selection).
3.  Including hyperlinks or buttons on the slide to allow users to navigate to the appropriate section within the quiz.

Am I missing something basic?  Please help.



Re: Quiz 'freezing' on 'failed' score navigation


I wonder if its because of the way the quiz is set up...  Can you contact me off-list, so I can review your files with you?