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Topic: Presenter PDF has attachments that won't open

Hi all,

We are experiencing a very odd situation with a staff member using Adobe Presenter (v 7.0.5).

The staff member has created a fairly substantial presentation that includes a couple of video clips, audio on 20 or so slides and around about 15 documents as attachments to the presentation.

If we publish the presentation to our Connect server, all attachments are downloadable or able to be opened. If we publish locally, the same applies when the presentation launches in the browser. If however we publish as a PDF, some of the attachments open and others don't (the open button just does nothing, so too does double clicking on the attachment...nothing happens).

We have tried reducing the filenames of the attachments (both PDFs and Docs) to see if that had any impact. It didn't. The files that don't open are a mix of PDFs and Docs. They open by themselves away from Presenter fine.

Also, I thought it might be the case of the document extensions (i.e., "DOC" as opposed to "doc") but changing these has had no impact. We tried removing all attachments, republishing (thinking it might be some sort of caching issue) and then adding them back in...same result.

We've also tried changing from the machine (running XP and Office 2003) to a machine running Windows 7 and Office 2007...same result...the Connect and local versions work, the PDF doesn't. Strangely we've noticed on a couple of test occasions that the file has been renamed from something like filename.doc to filename1.doc.

We've also tried viewing the presentation in both Acrobat Extended (no updates were reported as being available...so the app was up to date) and Adobe Reader 9 (also up to date)...with the same result....no luck.

I've also even tried renaming the file and publishing to a different folder. No luck. The presentation on the server is about 200 Mb in total...too big to send out to our students as a link (some are on dialup or have no net connection), so we need to put the PDF version on a CD for some (we'd prefer this that the more complex auto-run CD based on feedback from students and testing).

We're stumped. Everything we have attempted to eliminate as a possible issue has not made any impact.

Any ideas?



PS...sorry, the footer says this is about connect admin. It's not...it's about Presenter


Re: Presenter PDF has attachments that won't open

I am having the same problem - was this ever resolved?


Re: Presenter PDF has attachments that won't open

No, it seems it is a known bug. Note that it was only happening with a large number of attachments. So our staff member made a PDF portfolio of the PDFs (a little silly I know) and attached that one PDF.

Our reseller who provides first line support responded on 16 December last year...

"Fyi - the Adobe case number is # [number removed in case I shouldn't post it]. They have agreed it is a bug.

It has been escalated but no word when it will be fixed. I hope in the next update of Presenter."




Re: Presenter PDF has attachments that won't open

I got resolved Thanks for your valuable information