Topic: overlapping audio in quizzes

Has anyone run into this?
when i set up a quiz, i record the audio narrating the question and also recorded the audio on the individual questions pages under options to give them the answers orally as well such as "Incorrect.  the correct answer is...[and a little info why]".  the problem is that if you pick the answer as the speaker is still speaking the question, the answer audio is prompted and both audios play at once, overlapping.

is this just a Presenter quirk and there's no workaround?

thanks for your help.


Re: overlapping audio in quizzes

For the quizzes, the audio you record to the slide and the audio you record for the answers is completely separate. So if you have longer questions and the user answers before you finish reading the question, then they will hear both the question and the answer audio at the same time. The other big problem with recording your audio for the question slide is that if you read the answers and then shuffle the answers, you will always read them in the wrong order, but you probably figured that out.

The best solution is to either summarize the question in the audio for the slide, or just have audio for the answers.