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Topic: "Continue" button has a different behavior in Presenter 7 than in 6


I inherited the maintenance of old presentations developped with Presenter 6 and I now work with Presenter 7.
On some slides of these presentations, there is a "Continue" button that allows the user to finish reading the slide text before the next slide starts.

The button simply contains a hyperlink to the next slide and when it is clicked, the next slide starts playing. This is equivalent to ActionScript "GoTo_and_Play".
If I open the presentation and republish it with Presenter 7, the "GoTo_and_Play" turns into a "GoTo_and_Stop", that is, the next slide comes up but in a paused status, so you have click the "Play" button outside the PowerPoint frame.
The presentation is not set to stop after each animation,  there is no particular setting visible through the Slide Manager.

Is this change of behavior a property of Presenter 7 or is there a setting that was not taken in account when the document got translated to the new format? Is there an easy trick to restore the original behavior of this button.

*** after careful examination, I found there are indeed "Wait for user" commands by the end of the audio of each slide, nevertheless, jumping to the next slide through a PowerPoint button used to enter the slide playing, now, it enters the slide as paused ***