Topic: Clicks Not Working

When I add the effect of a "blink" in my audio to match up with an object I want to blink, it doesn't work correctly when I set the timing to "end of slid" or "until next click". It simply blinks once and that's it.

When I sync, it previews correctly but after I publish the presentation that's when it only blinks once. It's the same for other effects as well.

Please help.



Re: Clicks Not Working

For you to control animations in Presenter, they must be "On click". Unless it is supposed to repeat as part of the animation, it will only play through once. You can put more animations on the same object by using the "After Previous" option, where you will control when the first animation cues and then the rest will follow.

Remember that Presenter is an Adobe product that is residing in a Microsoft product. Not all of the Microsoft features will translate.


Re: Clicks Not Working

Thanks for the info. Using the "after previous" instead of an individual click on the same object will be much easier than tons of clicks for the repetition.