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Topic: Updated to Presenter 7.0.5 and STILL having issues!

Just updated to Presenter 7.0.5 and STILL having issues.  Hopefully someone here can help (I'm at my wit's end!)

Specific error:  "MediaWriter::write: Unknown codec."

Thought updating would relieve me of this problem, but it happened AGAIN when I went to update the audio on a PPT I'd published! 

[This error] pops up sporadically, but OFTEN during editing and ALSO during syncing - I tried both!

When it appears, I cannot move ahead.  Each time I click "ok" and attempt to re-play from the point I was at, the error will appear.

The work-around I found requires that I:
   - Click "ok" to the error message
   - Go back to the editing window and jump a little ahead of where I was editing; then
   - Click play/record

Doing this forces me to skip what I was attempting to listen to/edit and move forward from there.  It happens ALOT during one editing session.

I cannot find anything on the Adobe website, or in Google search about this MediaWriter codec error!  Do you know of it?  Any answers on how to resolve it?


PPT often crashes during audio editing and it did again, after updating [to 7.0.5]. It freezes and then I must force it to exit.  It will attempt to restart PPT automatically, but not before I see this error on my desktop:

"PowerPoint experienced a serious problem with the 'adobe presenter powerpoint com addin' add-in.  If you have seen this message multiple times, you should disable this add-in and check to see if an update is available. Do you want to disable this add-in?"

I know Presenter must work better than this... any ideas on what's going on?

Maybe I just need to uninstall and re-install. I have to find a fix.

Sorry for the long post, but as you can see, I'm in dire need of help and am hoping someone or some others have experienced these things.

Thanks so much for your time!


Re: Updated to Presenter 7.0.5 and STILL having issues!

I have an instructor that is having the same issue with PowerPoint crashing.  Did you ever get any assistance from Adobe?


Re: Updated to Presenter 7.0.5 and STILL having issues!

Yes, actually I did. 

It seems the latest version of [Adobe] Presenter will not function properly with PowerPoints that were created/saved in previous versions of Presenter. Thus the hiccups and error msgs we are receiving.

The only fix, unfortunately, is to scrap all previous PPTs and start from a new slate.  Then Presenter should function properly.  And, I've noticed it does.

Hope this helps!


Re: Updated to Presenter 7.0.5 and STILL having issues!

We seem to have had luck with PowerPoint files created in older versions (yes, 'old' means Version 7.0.1 and 7.0.2) by:

- Opening the files and re-saving with new filename and new location on the hard drive with Presenter 7.0.5

- Saving as .PPT (not .PPTX)


Re: Updated to Presenter 7.0.5 and STILL having issues!

update to newest version will fix this issue.


Re: Updated to Presenter 7.0.5 and STILL having issues!

There is free update patch 7.0.6. Update to that and it should fix the issue.