Topic: Who can help me? Animations in Quiz?

Hello everybody,
is there someone who can help me with the adobe presenter? Maybe someone who's talking german. Maybe I can contact you by phone? I cant describe my problem in English.
Thank you very much.
Jennifer Grie


Re: Who can help me? Animations in Quiz?

Hi Jennifer,
My wife is fluent, we could try to help. Do you have skype? You can skype me if you want to give it a try. I'll be at my computer at 14:00 GMT. My skype name is allwaysii.


Re: Who can help me? Animations in Quiz?

thank you very much. Sorry, but I can't skype. There's no possibility - my computer doesn't work with skype.
Maybe I try to explain..
One of my questions: Why do animations doesn't work in a quiz?

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Re: Who can help me? Animations in Quiz?

Hi Jennifer,

I do not use quizzes very much. This article might help explain some of the things that work and what does not workl. http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/404/kb404325.html

Also, make sure that you have the latest version of Presenter, 7.0.5.

Perhaps another user more familiar with quizzing will reply to your post too.
Best, Daniel


Re: Who can help me? Animations in Quiz?

Because the quiz slides have their own animations built in as part of the slide generation, it makes it difficult to add additional animations to those slides. Captivate offers more flexibility in this regard for the quiz slides.

In the end you are running into one of the short comings of using two software manufacture's products together. Some things are limited to playing by both Microsoft's and Adobe's rules at the same time.

I hope that translates well...


Re: Who can help me? Animations in Quiz?


I had to build a quizz where one had to look at a PowerPoint animation and then answer a question about it. I made it this way:

Slide 1 had a static view of the elements that would be animated and textual insctructions along with the responses selection. It was timed to last less than 1 second.

Slide 2 had the same text and responses but the elements were animated. On the last second, 2 PowerPoint buttons appeared, one linking to slide 1, the other to slide 3.

Slide 3 had the static elements and response items and a prompt to register an answer as generated by the Quizz manager.

The only problem is I had to set the presentation to stop after each animation or else it would have not stopped to the "Replay animation / Record answer" step at the end of slide 2 so I added on every slide a reminder to click the Play button to resume the presentation.