Topic: Presenter 7 crashes at startup

Hi there,

since a few days ago I encounter this problem: When starting up PowerPoint, Presenters brings up this error message window (re-translated from german):

"Adobe Presenter cannot be initialised. The installation may not have finished completely. Close PowerPoint and start the installation process again."

Well, I didn't change anything... what can I do. De-installing and re-installing doesn't help.

The 7.0.5 update won't start at all, it throws a runtime Error (abnormal program termination) as asoon as I doubleclick the package.

The only strange thing I saw is that I may have the "Flash Player 9 PlugIn" as well as the "Flash Player 10 ActiveX" on my computer.

Has anybody a hint for me?


Re: Presenter 7 crashes at startup

When I saw this error it was due to REG KEY issue. Completely on Adobe's side. Contact support and see if they can get a resolution. I only saw this on the Beta version of the tool, but it could be the same issue.

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Re: Presenter 7 crashes at startup

I could actually solve this problem by using Windows' System Recovery.

I don't know what actually caused this (was it Presenter itself or a Microsoft Update), but since I can continue with my work now, I just hope that it won't happen again as soon as the next Microsoft Update will be downloaded...


Edit: Unfortunately my problem still exists, now I get this error message:

"The licensing subsystem has failed catastrophically. You must reinstall or call customer support. (1)"

I'm hoping that this can be solved by connecting to the internet, what I'm not able to do right now, but I will keep you updated...


Re: Presenter 7 crashes at startup

Miracles do happen, obviously...

Today everything is back to normal: Presenter works as expected. I honestly does not know what happened to fix my problem (or what caused it). Since no better explanation can be offered, I'll settle for "Internet connection and/ or Windows Update fixed it".

I'm a little bit concerned that it may happen again, though....