Topic: Switching between computers with/without Adobe Presenter

We have a recording studio with Adobe Presenter available for faculty use. They DO NOT have Presenter installed on their office computers.
What happens to the audio if they record in the studio, then open the file on their office PC?
Can they edit the Powerpoint text/graphics in their office, then edit the audio later back in the studio?
Does the audio stay with the PPT, even if the computer doesn't have Presenter?

Any suggestions on how to eliminate possible problems when switching between computers that have/don't have Presenter?

Lisa S.


Re: Switching between computers with/without Adobe Presenter

this will depend on the version of Presenter. Version 7 changed how Presenter does audio.  Version 6 used a resource file (with ext. of PPC) that contained all audio/attachments.  Version 7 uses a resource folder.  both resource file or folder has the same name as the PPT/PPTX file in the same directory.  so a user without Presenter would not be about to use the resource file/folder.  Presenter is a PPT plug-in.  Version 6, it was very important that the ppt and ppc had the same timestamp, otherwise you would have to re-record.  Version 7 the audio is now MP3 files, but they have random file names.

Best Practice: once you add audio with presenter it is always best to update the PPTs with Presenter installed.

what you could do is copy/paste the changes from the updated PPTs to the recorded PPTs. if new slide as been added just add new slide to the recorded deck and copy/paste.

hope that helps and now confusing.