Topic: Issue with Presenter 7 and PowerPoint 2003?

I've downloaded Presenter 7 and the 3 patches associated with it and can't get Presenter to publish a quiz.  I'm using PowerPoint 2003.  I can create the quiz, but when I publish to the Adobe Connect server it doesn't even go through the building process let alone get me to the login screen for our Connect account to publish to the server.


Re: Issue with Presenter 7 and PowerPoint 2003?

I've had one issue with publishing and quizzes:  when you create your quiz, if you do not have a slide selected in the slide sorter window (and instead have the space between slides selected) your presentation will not publish.  I'd try deleting the quiz, and creating a new one while making sure that you have one slide selected.


Re: Issue with Presenter 7 and PowerPoint 2003?

Thanks for responding but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the issue.  I went back and tried again as you suggested, made sure a slide was selected, and still no dice.  In fact, it won't publish locally, to PDF or to the Connect server.


Re: Issue with Presenter 7 and PowerPoint 2003?


This almost sounds like there's a problem with the Quiz Manager.  Can you provide any details about how you're setting up your question slides?

Have you tried creating a quick, bogus PowerPoint deck?  Might be a good idea to compare 2 different sources in an effort to determine if the problem is persistant, or if there are distinctions between the 2, then you'll need to troubleshoot further.

Worst case scenario: I'd be happy to take a look at the deck you're using if that's something you'd be comfortable doing.