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Topic: Frustrated with PPT 2007 and Presenter

I generally stick to PPT but have been asked to develop a presentation that will be pulled into Presenter, have audio added and then be distributed on a website.

The presentation I developed, which utilized a variety of PPT's features, looks HORRIBLE in Presenter.

I have found the link to the list of known issues on Adobe's site w/ any possible work arounds but that only takes care of one of our issues (some text boxes resized themselves smaller causing text to run onto the next line).

Our remaining issues:

Anytime SmartArt is utilized there is a fine grid over any shapes and all text is horribly pixelated/blurry.
Any bolded text is pixelated/blurry.
Any arrows that have been drawn and animated are pixelated/blurry.
Any text appearing on shapes (rounded rectangle w/ gradient, shadow, and bevel applied) are pixelated/blurry.
Animated arrow squashed and distorted.

Basically the only slides that came through Presenter the way they were intended were the basic bullet only slides.

We are about to throw in the towel and just keep the entire project in PPT with a voice file on each page, but that doesn't solve our problems long term since the entire company was upgraded from Office 2000 to Office 2007 and more and more people are going start using the PPT features that make their presentations more polished and interesting to their audiences.... and then want to use them in Presenter.

I'd appreciate any help or insight anyone may have.

Thank you,


Re: Frustrated with PPT 2007 and Presenter

Hi Christine,

Be happy to take a look at your presentation. It's fun to figure out how to make things work, especially if it's not mine :) Perhaps it can still be salvaged, if you don't mind trying to tweak the slides that are not publishing correctly.

On a positive note, Allistair Lee just posted yesterday the news of the release of Presenter 7.05. It is supposed to address the smartart stuff.
http://www.connectusers.com/news/index. … mp;id=2692



Re: Frustrated with PPT 2007 and Presenter

Many issues have been worked around by saving the presentation as a PPT (97-03 file) and then publishing. That won't solve the Smart Art issue, but as Daniel said the 7.0.5 update will support Smart Art and some other significant fixes.


Re: Frustrated with PPT 2007 and Presenter

What seems to be working for me is to create the presentation in PPTX format, and then save to PPT format and then do the recordings.  The files are larger, but the screen issues seem to go away.  Good luck (also, copy your recordings to a backup folder before publishing, mine sometimes disappear and I have to re-record - Adobe has no clue why this is happening).


Re: Frustrated with PPT 2007 and Presenter

I am THRILLED to report that the recent upgrade to Presenter solved about 98% of our issues!

One slide still has some font issues similar to what we were experiencing before and I had to make a few other minor tweaks, but other than that we are good to go!

Thank you SO much for pointing me in the right direction! :-)



Re: Frustrated with PPT 2007 and Presenter

After the upgrade, did you have to go back and re-publish to Connect? Or did you have to re-create the whole presentation in the new updated version?  We are having similar issues at my work and realized we have 7.0.0. So I have ran the update, but wondering what to do next?


Re: Frustrated with PPT 2007 and Presenter

One thought is to look at the video quality setting and see if that makes a difference.

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Re: Frustrated with PPT 2007 and Presenter

I was experiencing many of the same issues. The upgrade did solve all the issues I was having. This is certainly making things much easier. Thanks for the tip on the video quality settings. This is something I have been overlooking.
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