Topic: I can only publish PPTX and not PPT

Wondering if any other users have had this occur.

Been having some computer issues that seem to be software related, possibly between the way that MS Office is interacting with other applications.

Right now, unable to publish a powerpoint file unless it is saved in the .pptx format. This is not good in that .ppt is really a better format since as we know, .pptx has unsupported features in Presenter.

Has anyone else had this happen and found a solution? Thanks a lot.



Re: I can only publish PPTX and not PPT

Hi Daniel, make sure you update to 7.0.5 from here;
http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/ … rm=Windows

But also could you provide more info?  Do you get an error message when you try to publish PPT?


Re: I can only publish PPTX and not PPT

Hi Matt,
Thanks a lot for posting. This issue was solved, and it was a local problem on my machine. I had downloaded a trial of Acrobat 9, which apparently caused something in my systems registry to take an extended vacation. Or something like that. "Windows installer" was launching any time an MS Office or an Adobe app was opened. Had to get into the registry to solve it, but all fixed now, and Presenter is working fine without limitation.
Looking forward to using 7.05.
Best, Daniel