Topic: Setting default volume in Presenter 6


I am publishing in Presenter6 (still) and the player, starting volume always seems to be at 100% on the slider. Please could anyone suggest how to change this so that it starts at 50% perhaps?

I am using PowerPoint 2007 to publish slides that contain flash, created in Captivate. So the sound isn't in the Presenter Audio Editor, but within the flash files. I can see settings in the vconfig.xml file that turn the audio on or off when the presentation starts <uishow name="volume" value="true"/>   but nothing to control the volume slider setting. Unfortunately, if listening on headphones, rather than laptop's speakers, this is "blowing people's head's off!"

Any ideas would really, really appreciated :-)


Re: Setting default volume in Presenter 6

More of a work around than a solution, but, make an intro slide that directs users to, if on headsets, select the volume button and turn it down (or turn down the volume on their computer).