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I've finally got the sync animations feature down with audio but now I have a slide that has a small video in one corner and animations on the rest of the slide.  How do I sync the animations with the video talk since the this is not an audio import but a video?


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Hi jdrew: Syncing animations with video takes  a slightly different approach that syncing with video.
It is based on calculating the time in the video rather than using the audio editor to find your sync points. If you are using presenter 7 and an flv video format this is much simpler.  In Presenter 7, if the only audio you have is the embedded audio in your video  that also makes it a bit easier. First You will need to insert silence in that slide equal to length of the total video length or slightly less. I actually only insert a silence past where my last animation sync point as Presenter 7 will automatically wait for the video to finish playing before advancing the slide.  Then time your video (in Presenter 7 you can use the video editor to do this) to find the points in time where you want the animations to occur an then place those sync point on the empty time line. You won


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Hi Julie,
Glad you've got it working! There is a workaround to sync animations with video. It's a little labor intensive, but it does work, and gets easier with time. Watch your video and record the times when your specific animations should occur, and record the length of the video (in seconds).
Take this info into the audio editor. At the specific slide, choose "insert silence" and insert the seconds of the video length. (*I usually make the inserted silence one second shorter than the length of the video so the slide does not persist at all when the video is finished.) Then drag your animation points to the points on the timeline. Should work perfectly.


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Looks like Jonathan and I were on the same brain wave :) Jonathan, what tools do you use to normalize your audio? That's an excellent suggestion.


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Thanks once again for the responses.  These did work but I would have to say "labor intensive" is an understatement....lol.   Maybe it will get better over time as I get more used to it.

Out of curiosity it seems like syncing animation to video should be an expected feature.  Does other software address this better?


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Get better over time - yes, that's happened here. Labor intensive - definitely.
It has been posted in "suggestions for Presenter" that there be a simpler way to do this in future versions of Presenter. It has not yet been addressed, so you might add to that post.
Do not know about other tools ability to achieve this.