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Topic: URGENT! Need help with LMS Reporting

Hi!  I am having a hard time hashing out all the various options when it comes to LMS reporting.  I'm a newbie in the area and need to get a "working" version to my customer ASAP.

Basically, I need to know if the resume data option (under Quiz Manager>Reporting>Advanced>Settings...) has anything to do with the various reporting options on the main page for LMS Reporting.

My client wants resume data to be sent for each and every slide, so that if a user quits mid-way, they will be brought back to the slide they left off on when they go back in.  Right now, that IS working for them.

However, on their LMS (SUmTotal), They are getting a "Learning Activity Progress Detail" Report showing detailed information for each and every interaction in the course.  They DO NOT want this level of detail when it comes to reporting.  All they need to know is that the Course was completed 100%. 

My confusion is whether or not the Reporting options on the Quiz Manager>Reporting Tab are tied into the advanced "resume Data" options in the advanced settings screen.  Meaning, can I get the course to ONLY report that the course was completed 100% while STILL sending resume data to the LMS at an interval for each slide? If so, what settings should I use on the Reporting tab?

Thanks in Advance for all your help!


ETA:  Here are my current settings: