Topic: Grouping Quiz Questions

When I try to create a group of quiz questions, the button that says "group quiz questions" is greyed out and I cant select it...also if I add a question group, the number of published questions in the group is 0 (even though there are 59 in the quiz) and I cant put a number into the box. What have I done wrong?


Re: Grouping Quiz Questions

You need to put the questions in the question group. This can be done by either dragging and dropping the questions into the question group (has to be done one question at a time unfortunately), or create the group first and then build all your questions in the group.

When you add a question group after you have created all you questions then you add the group after the quiz questions, so there is nothing in the question group.


Re: Grouping Quiz Questions

Is there a way to import only question groups into a single quiz instead of importing a whole quiz or single questions?  We need to be able make one final exam for a course that has large main sections with subsections in each main section.  Over 500 questions total, and all questions need to be randomized within their subsections but remain grouped in their main sections.  Importing multiple quizzes prevents us from getting a cumulative score for the whole final exam.  I've been doing the technique suggested by Jorma_at_RealEyes, but is there a way to do this more efficiently? Importing the last subsection first, making question groups and dragging questions into it then working the first section last seems more laborious than it should be.  Any suggestions? Please help!


Re: Grouping Quiz Questions

You can absolutely have multiple quiz groups in your presentation. The groups can be spread out in your presentation and it will be graded as one cumulative score at the end of the training.

I don't think there is an easier method of moving questions into groups, though you could look into using the import quiz function to export the questions to another PPT deck. Then with the presentation you are working on, creating you question groups, then re-importing them into your production presentation. It may be less work, or it may not be... wish I had a better answer.